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Something not right?

This API is very new (2 days old..), so I am still developing and improving the API. So if something is not working as you'd expect please let me know on twitter @gmtweetsuk

How do I upgrade to the latest version of the API?
It's really simple, the current stable release of the API is version 3, so if you want to upgrade to this version just replace

            <script src=""></script>

            <script src=""></script>

"My Twtter feed is slow to update"
This could be down to a few reasons, the main one being that the API is experiencing high usage, as this service is a private project, any money put into this is out of my own pocket, so I will be upgrading the servers as and when they need doing.
Another reason could be that you are on a slow connection, the API is triggered once the page has finished loading, so you would expect to see "Loading tweets" for no more than a second.

"My Twitter feed isn't showing the latest tweet"
I have developed a "smart caching system" which decides if it should request your feed from twitter, or show you the cached version of the feed. The system will check to see if it has a cached version of your feed which is less than 10minutes old, if it does, it will return that to you.
If there is no cached version, or the cached version is more than 10minutes old, it will request a copy from twitter, and then store that locally for 10minutes.
If the twitter API is unavailable, we will return to you the cached version no matter how old it is. To ensure you always get a feed on your website.

Want a new feature or have a question?

Great! I really want to make this API as useful as possible, so please contact me on twitter @gmtweetsuk and let me know what you want to see.