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Current State of GMT

At the current time, I cannot afford to cover the GMT's server costs, which is a real shame because the popularity of the API has really shown potential and obviously has helped a lot of people. Having said that, because of the popularity it was costing me over £300/month in VPN's and load balancers - Something that I cannot afford, and with the lack of donations I am forced to shut down the VPN's.

That being said, I will maintain the code, anyone who purchases the API will get notified of updates and download links.

Initially I done this as an alternative to having to sign up for the OAuth 2.0 protocol twitter have in place, as an easy alternative to needing to become a backend developer. But with over 6,000,000 hits a month the API was suffering too much and I could not keep on adding to it.

To try re-claim some of the money spent on keeping this running, I am offering the whole API (PHP and DB structure files) for £15.

Please understand: The API i am offering does not contain any tweets or data of users who have used the service, it is the structure for starting your own API.

This contains everything you need to start up, with only needing to edit 2 files - the README explains it all very well, if this is beyond your capabilities but would like it, I am available to install this for you on your own service for £30, which means the total cost of the API and installation is £45. Both options are available here.

I am very sorry for not being able to keep this running, and I do feel a responsibility to those of you who decided to use the service, all I can do is apologize, if anyone would like to fund the project, get in touch as it would be great to resurrect this API.

Many thanks,
Danny Hearnah